Learn 2 Librate foundation is section 8 company registered a new age platform launched in 2016 to introduce the timeless principles based on ancient Jain Scriptures and their practical application. The focus is on spiritual side that can immediately change our quality of life.

Parmagam Honours is the flagship 5 year course launched under Learn 2 Librate foundation umbrella to meet the demands of the ever-increasing tribe of Spiritual Seekers who need personal guidance in a systematic manner. On one hand, we have a vast pool of Jain scholars and on the other hand, many realise the worthlessness of material pleasures and are seeking answers to day-to-day challenges of life. This course is based on modern day international academic format and focuses on result-oriented methodology.

Masters Parmagam Honours is for students who are at an advanced level of their understandings post completing 5 years of Parmagam Honours.

This advanced course dives deep in Jain spiritual scriptures like Pravchansar, Samaysar, Panchastikay, Niyamsar and Ashtpahud exhaustively.

To impart Jain Spiritual Principles systematically on an academic platform for PRACTICAL APPLICATION in daily life

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