Learn 2 Librate foundation is an Indian non-profit organisation registered under Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013. It is based in Mumbai and founded by Swanubhuti Jain Shastri and CA Ashish Jain.

To introduce the timeless Jain spiritual principles and their practical application in daily life through new age and innovative methodology.


1. Parmagam honours:
Parmagam Honours is the flagship 5 year course launched under Learn 2 Librate foundation umbrella to meet the demands of the ever-increasing tribe of Spiritual Seekers who need personal guidance in a systematic manner.

We realised, on one hand, we have a vast pool of Jain scholars and on the other hand, many are seeking answers to day-to-day challenges of life and realise the worthlessness of material pleasures. Hence, we decided to bridge this gap with a structured modern day international academic format focused on result-oriented methodology.
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2. Masters Parmagam Honours:
Masters Parmagam Honours is for students who are at an advanced level of their understandings post completing 5 years of Parmagam Honours.

This advanced course dives deep in Jain spiritual scriptures like Pravchansar, Samaysar, Panchastikay, Niyamsar and Ashtpahud exhaustively.
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3. Juniors Parmagam Honours:
Juniors Parmagam Honours is specifically designed for 8+ year old kids and paced conveniently to make the spiritual and moral foundation strong at the right age.
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4. Ghar Ghar Scholar:
We have a pool of 50+ qualified Scholars who teach Parmagam Honours batches. On the other hand, during Das Lakshan/Parushan parv, many local communities and batches wish they could have a Scholar available locally to address them daily for 8/10 days.
To bridge this gap, this initiative aims to provide exclusive Scholars to groups who want personal attention physically or virtually. The logistics cost is borne by the Host group in both the cases.
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[email protected]

5. Mainstream Bollywood Movie:
Currently under production, this is a suspense thriller 3D animation movie planned to release in multiplexes pan India and overseas markets in both Hindi and English around Jan 2023.

A 17 year old boy,
running away from his own life..
gets deserted on a mysterious island…
Seeking the way out, he realises, He is trapped!
But but but…the quest leads him to the ultimate solutions to all of mankind’s problems!
Coming Soon….

Samay – Let the Game begin!

To impart Jain Spiritual Principles systematically on an academic platform for PRACTICAL APPLICATION in daily life

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