Masters in Panch Parmagam

  • A systematic program for a deeper and comprehensive study of the Panch Parmagam
  • Starting with Pravachansaarji as the first Parmagam followed by Samaysaarji and many more


– The classes will start in first week of March,2021

– 2 weekday evening classes per week. The days for classes will be decided based on majority preference.

– 7:00-08:00 pm IST


– Voluntary assessments like

1) Gatha 5 point summary after each class to be presented by one student

2) Periodic Goshthi / Paper presentation

3) Skit / Poetry / Goshthi based on learning from Parmagam at end of each Parmagam study.


– Certificate will be provided after each Parmagam study to everyone attending classes and also participating in assessments. For e.g. after study of Pravachansaar you will receive a certificate for “Masters in study of Pravachansaar”

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