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Exam Pattern:

There will be 3 online exams per semester of 50 marks each, 3 written assignments of 40 marks each along with 3 oral assignments of 10 marks each.

Question Paper Pattern:

Online Exam:

  • 6 MCQs, 4 marks each. (6*4=24)
  • 10 Fill in the blanks, 1 mark each. (10*1=1)
  • 6 Match the following, 1 mark each. (6*1=6)
  • 10 True or False, 1 mark each. (10*1=10)

Total Marks: 50

Written Assignment:

  • 5 Give Reasons, 3 marks each. (5*3=15)
  • 3 Find Examples, 5 marks each. (3*5=5)
  • 1 Case Study, 10 marks. (1*10=10)

Total Marks: 40

Oral Assignment:

  • Chief Disciple Evaluation/ Gandhar Moolyankan(10 marks)
  • Subject Proficiency Evaluation/ Vishay Visharad(10 marks)
  • Deep Thinking Evaluation/ Bhaav Bhasan(10 marks)

Total Marks: 30

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Oral Assignment Pattern in Detail:

  • Chief Disciple Evaluation: Student will need to comprehensively summarize the entire lecture in 5-7 mins at the end of class and basis quality of points covered, the teacher will evaluate and allocate marks. Evaluation is purely on content comprehension and summation, not the strength of oratory.
  • Subject Proficiency Evaluation: Students will get a subject from the course material and they will need to prepare and present the practical application of that concept in day-to-day life in not more than 5 mins. Marks will be given for the accuracy and relevance of application. These should be preferably real-life examples that most can connect with to make their own life better.
  • Deep Thinking Evaluation: An oral question that teacher may ask post subject proficiency evaluation to gauge understanding of student and fill gaps if any.

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Course Fees

1500₹ per year.

This amount covers the cost of Books and any postage that may be required.

This amount could be waived for economically challenged people.

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Here are the links to PDF books for downloading:

However, students can order hard copies of books using this form.

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Sample Question Papers

Will be updated soon.

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