Syllabus for Students till year 2018 


Syllabus for Students from year 2019

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New Exam Pattern (Effective from March 2021):

There will be 3 online exams per semester of 50 marks each, 3 written assignments of 30 marks each , one oral assignment & viva of 30 Marks and life changing practical assignment of 30 marks.

Question Paper Pattern:

I. Online Exam:

  • 6 MCQs, 4 marks each. (6*4=24)
  • 10 Fill in the blanks, 1 mark each. (10*1=1)
  • 6 Match the following, 1 mark each. (6*1=6)
  • 10 True or False, 1 mark each. (10*1=10)

Total Marks: 50 Marks  x 3 Papers= 150 Marks

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II. Concept Clarity : Written Assignment

Students can write Summary in 500 -2000 words (approx.2-6 pages) of all key points understood in the specific subject (One for each Paper ,so total 3 summaries per semester) followed with Confession or Myth buster page. This will include confession of myths that we had before the semester and it was busted post learning the subject. The confessions can also include accepting our issues and plan to solve them with the help of these principles. This will be their keepsake for revisions at future date and excellent personalized post course reference book

Total Marks:  30 Marks  X 3 Papers = 90 Marks

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III. Gandhar Mulyankan & Viva:

Gandhar Mulyankan &Viva=15+15=30marks( 15 for oral Summary and 5 each for 3 questions)Each student has to summarize  any one lecture in the last 5 mins of live class followed by 3 questions that the teacher will ask on the spot basis the lecture on that certain day.

Total Marks: 30

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IV.  Life changing Practical application 

Students give examples from practical life.  3 standard questions will be given by teachers based on syllabus , 1 question from each paper. Students can choose either attempt these  three questions or attempt two of these and change one question to share any other personal hard-hitting example related to the course application in general also. Book, topic and incident all need to be highlighted and connected to depict how they relate to our lives.

Total Marks: 10 Marks x 3 Question = 30 Marks


Exam Pattern Summary 

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Course Fees

1500₹ per year.

This amount covers the cost of Books and any postage that may be required.

This amount could be waived for economically challenged people.

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Here are the links to PDF books for downloading:

However, students can order hard copies of books using this form.

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Sample Question Papers

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