About Us


To imbibe the practical application of Jain spiritual principles through an academic platform systematically.
On completion of this course, students  –

  • Will be able to independently understand original Jain scriptures
  • Keep Jain value system alive in respective families
  • Can help upliftment of bhavya Jeev (soon to be Siddha)through the dissemination of knowledge further in the society


To facilitate making at least one spiritual scholar in each household!


This is a non-commercial activity purely for the dissemination of Jain Tattvagyan.

We will focus on any and all activities that augment understanding of Jain principles directly or indirectly but resources will be confined to knowledge part only.

Active Management committee

  • Swanubhuti Jain
  • Dr. Shuddhatm Prabha Taraiya
  • Jinal Haria
  • Tejash Shah
  • Rajesh Sheth
  • Bhavana Bhavesh Shah
  • Aradhya Taraiya
  • Saket Jain
  • Nehal Shah
  • Yoganshi Shah
  • Shweta
  • Prabha Mehnot
  • Kavita
  • Samyak Jain

And all others who wish to are welcome to be part of this committee!