Specifications of Course:

  • Age 8 years and above
  • 5 Year course with 1 semester each year covering basic principles of Jainism
  • 1.5 hours class each week
  • The course shall commence by 15th June each year and end by 15th Jan
  • New batch formation with a minimum of 20 students
  • 3 Open book exams of 50 marks each from 16th Jan to 15th Feb followed with break till next Sem
  • 3 assignments of 50 marks:
    1. Drishtant dhoondo (Find 3 unique examples of concepts)-10 marks
    2. Vishay Visharad (Practical application)-10 marks
    3. Kanthpaath (Learn definitions & poems)-30 marks
  • Direct entry in Parmagam Honours Year 2 post successful completion of this course.


₹1500 per annum

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