Dr. Shuddhatmprabha Tadaiya

  • A (Hon.), M.A, Ph.D (Gold medal)
  • Teacher of Jainism for the past 45 years
  • Has written 52 books (published)
  • Founder of Divya Dhwani Prachar Prasar Trust

Dr. Priydarshna Jain

  • M.A, M.Phil, P.hd in Jain Studies.
  • Diploma in Prakrit & Certified Naturopath
  • Prof and Head Dept of Jainology, Director of Buddhist Studies, University of Madras, Chennai.
  • Resource person for ISJS to foreign scholars for the past 15 years.
  • Represented Jainism at Interfaith religious delegation sponsored by the US Dept of State.

Vi. Swanubhuti Jain

  • Shastri (Jain Darshan), M.A (Philosophy)
  • M.B.A & Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Independent Director on the Board of few companies
  • Founder of Practical Jainism and Parmagam Honours

Pt. Jambu Kumar Jain

  • Shastri (Jain Darshan)
  • M.A (sanskrit) & M.A (Hindi)
  • B.ed
  • Editor ‘Anugn tatvum’ monthly news letter.

Dr. Prashant Jain

  • Shastri (Jain Darshan)
  • MA-Jainism, MA-Comparative study of religion, MA- Philosophy
  • UGC NET -Buddhist Jaina Gandhian & Peace Studies
  • PhD in Jainism.

Dr. Paras Jain

  • Shastri (Jain Darshan)
  • MA-Jainism, MA-Comparative study of religion
  • MA- Philosophy
  • UGC NET -Buddhist Jaina Gandhian & Peace Studies
  • PhD in Jainism

Dr. Sonu Jain

  • Shastri, M.A(Hindi), M.A (english), M.A (Jainism), NET
  • Associate Director ISRO

Dr. Abhishek Jain

  • Shastri, B.Ed, NET + JRF
  • Ph.D, GTET (Secondary)
  • Research associate for documentary film based on Jainism

Dr. Umapathy Jain

  • Shastri, M.A (Jainology, gold medalist), M.A (Hindi), B.ed
  • Ph.D (Jainalogy)

Dr. Pooja Jain

  • Shastri
  • M.A(English), M.A (Prakrit), M.A(Sanskrit)
  • B.ed
  • Ph.D (PRAKRIT)

Pt. Jayarajan Jain

  • M.A (sanskrit),
  • M.A (Hindi),
  • B.Ed,
  • SET

Dr. Kavita Kasliwal

  • M.A, M.Phil
  • Ph.D (sanskrit)
  • Shastri
  • Aacharya

Dr. Pratiti Patil

  • Shastri
  • M.A (Sanskrit), B.Ed
  • Ph.D (Jain Philosophy)

Pt. Jinesh Sheth

  • B. A (Sanskrit.)
  • M.A (Philosophy)
  • Ph.D Candidate (UGC-JRF),University of Mumbai

Smt. Jinal Haria

  • B.E. Computers,
  • 5 Years of Parmagam Honours Course.

Dr. Manthan Gala

  • Shastri (Jain Darshan)
  • MA-Sanskrit, MA-English
  • Diploma (CPL) in Prakrit
  • Ph.D (Sanskrit),

Pt. Vivek Jain

  • International certified meta mind management behavioural trainer
  • Life coach,
  • Counsellor,
  • Spiritual and soft skill trainer.

Pt. Aradhya Tadaiya

  • Shastri,
  • MBA (Retail management & marketing)
  • Heads JITO Business Network at Jain International trade Organisation

Smt. Niketa Parekh

  • Bachelors in electronics engineering in SCET, India
  • Masters in Computer and Information Science in Cleveland State University, Ohio
  • Currently working as a senior software engineer at a fin-tech company in Dallas, TX

Pt. Aman Jain

  • Snatak Shastri (B.A) in Jain darshan
  • M.A. in philosophy from IGNOU (2021)

Smt. Vijal Sheth

  • B.tech (Food engg.)
  • Diploma (Retail management)

Pt Jinendra Jain

  • Shastri, M.A(Hindi),
  • M.A (Sanskrit),
  • B.ed,
  • NET

Pt. Tushar Jain

  • Shastri

Smt. Jayshree Phade

  • M.A in Clinical Psycology

Pt. Sammed Gandhi

  • B.E (IT),
  • Shastri

Smt. Anushri Jain

  • B.Com
  • Interior Design

Smt.Tejal Doshi

  • Home science

Smt. Bhavana Shah

  • B.com
  • Shastri

Pt. Rajesh Sheth

  • B.com
  • Shastri

Vidushi Anu Jain

  • Shastri,
  • M.A (Sanskrit)
  • NET

Smt. Ankita Doshi

  • MBBS

Smt. Sphurti Doshi

  • BHMS

Abhishek Jain

  • Shastri, M.A

Vinit Jain

  • Shastri, M.A(Jainology)

Shri Samyak Jain

  • C.A

To impart Jain Spiritual Principles systematically on an academic platform for PRACTICAL APPLICATION in daily life

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