Parmagam Programs

Super Juniors Program
Age 4-7 years

The Parmagam Super Junior Program provides comprehensive virtual classes for children up to 7 years, establishing a strong moral and spiritual foundation, and imparting knowledge of Jainism for a fulfilling life journey.

Juniors Program
Age 8-18 years

The Parmagam Junior Program establishes a moral and spiritual foundation through SMART learning, enhancing memory, confidence, concentration, teamwork, and leadership skills while practically applying Jain spiritual principles.

Honours Program
Age 14+ Years

The Parmagam Honours Program provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to establish a strong spiritual and moral foundation while practically applying Jain spiritual principles in daily life. Participants benefit from a 360-degree SMART learning approach, virtual classes, workshops, and seminars, enhancing memory, confidence, concentration, and leadership skills.

Masters Program
Age 20+ Years

The Parmagam Masters Program, designed for individuals who have completed the Parmagam Honours Program, provides a deeper understanding and mastery of Jain spiritual principles. Through advanced coursework, practical training, and research, the program prepares participants to become leaders in the community, promoting spiritual growth and moral values.