Payment Portal

Important Information:

1. Applicants should use this payment tool only after receiving the enrollment confirmation email. If you have not applied for the program, please visit the relevant program page and submit your application before proceeding with the program fee payment.

2. After receiving the enrollment confirmation and student ID, follow the steps below to pay for the program fee and order books. The program fee for all PH programs is INR 1500 per year, including books. Books will be shipped to the provided address.

3. Shipping within India is included in the yearly program fees. International shipping incurs an additional charge, payable along with the program fee using the payment tool.

4. International applicants can have books shipped to an Indian address to avoid international shipping charges.

5. Please opt for the “digital e-books” program version if you prefer digital copies and don’t require physical books. Digital e-books incur no shipping costs. 

6. Use the payment tool to pay for each program year. For example, pay for the first year and return in the second year to pay for the second year’s program fee and order books.

7. After payment submission, you will receive an email confirmation, and our program coordinators will contact you for the next steps.

8. If you are facing economic challenges, apply for a course fee waiver using the coupon code “PHWAIVER” at the checkout. International shipping cost is not covered by the fee waiver and must be borne by the applicant. If you require special consideration for international shipping costs, contact us at +91 92212 25264 on WhatsApp or email

9. For any questions or concerns, email us at We’re here to assist you.

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